They tried to feed me to the wolves, I came back leading the pack

Change – The film

Created by Alto de Kock Inspired by the script "Change" Written by Alex Johnson
Created by Alto de Kock
Inspired by the script “Change” Written by Alex Johnson

Hi all

This term I have been busy. I learned a lot. This term consist out of two wonderful film treatments, five production course essays, twelve essays about fashion and props then last but not least three challenge team crews which equals it to three short five minute films. Then don’t forget that these up and coming holidays the third year students at AFDA are shooting their graduation films. This would’ve been one amazing idea for me to take a nice break and go away for the holidays. BUT NO. ADK end up being on four graduation films and thus I have no more holiday left, at the end of the day, the more experience the more trust I gain in myself.


The stuff I learned this term.

  1. Do not schedule your term if you haven’t worked with the crew before.
  2. Extensions can either be positive or negative.
  3. I learned to sew. (Can’t even sew a straight line)
  4. It doesn’t help to go sit in the corner and be unhappy about something. Stand up and face the truth.
  5. Rather face a difficult situation than suppressing the emotions.


The photo that you see above is linked with this piece of text. The photo is my moodboard for my outcome film this term and I hope that you understand it. If you think you do, please do comment on the post and I will reply. I would like to see if everyone gets it.

“The primary narrative concept that has been identified to effectively affect our target film viewing audience is abuse. We decided on this concept, because most of the crew member can relate to the concept, personally. In modern times people struggle with abuse in many relationships. It is either physically or emotional abuse. This cause either the male or the female victim in an abusive relationship to be afraid of doing something about this. It can take up to eight years or even more before the victim decides to make a change in their life. ” (CMS treatment, Alto de Kock, AFDA 2015)




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